Bus Transportation

New in Fall 2021, K Metro now has a bus stop at the Oshtemo Public Library! The Route 14: West Main route will stop at the Oshtemo Public Library Mondays through Fridays, every hour between 9:40am – 5:40pm.

Taking K Metro to Lillian Anderson Arboretum

  • You can buy a one-way bus token from the Kalamazoo College Book Store for $1.50. The busses also accept cash to ride.
  • Stop 567 on Route 14 is the best place to get on the bus when leaving from campus. This is located across the street from Henderson Castle, or across from the intersection of West Main and Monroe St.
  • The bus arrives at this stop every hour at 00:16 minutes during the day. If you are waiting and want updates for the next bus arrival time, you can text KZ567 to 321123.
  • It takes about 25 minutes to arrive at the Oshtemo Public Library. This route also stops at Target and Meijer!
  • When you arrive to the Oshtemo Public Library, pull the “Request Stop” cable over your seat near the windows.
  • Once you get off the bus, you’ll walk <5 minutes to the Oshtemo Park trail entrance from the parking lot, and from there you can take the trails that connect the park with the Arboretum trails.
  • You can take the same bus route to return to campus. PLEASE NOTE: The last pick-up at Oshtemo Public Library is at 5:27pm. If you miss this, the next closest pick-up is at Meijer, a1.2 mile walk away.
  • Google Maps is a great tool to plan trips using K Metro! For the route above, list your starting point as Henderson Castle and your ending point as Lillian Anderson Arboretum. Google Maps will not direct you to take the Oshtemo Park trails, but using the app AllTrails will help navigate from the parking lot.
Screenshot from AllTrails app showing trail map connecting Lillian Anderson Arboretum and Oshtemo Township Park trails.