Photo Sites

Arboretum Photo Site Map

Please use the forms below to submit photos at the Photo Site locations throughout the Lillian Anderson Arboretum!

  • Photo Site #1 (Parking Lot, taken looking south down the entrance road)
  • Photo Site #2 (Meadow Run, taken looking east)
  • Photo Site #3 (Old Field, taken looking west into the field)
  • Photo Site #4(Wood Frog & Old Field Junction, taken looking south into the tree fall)
  • Photo Site #5 (Batts Pond, taken looking south)
  • Photo Site #6 (Magnificent Pines, taken looking south toward the Pines)
  • Photo Site #7 (Powerline and Oxen Run Junction, taken looking northwest towards the powerline flooding)
  • Photo Site #8(Marsh Woods bench, taken looking into the water)
  • Photo Site #9 (Not-So-Magnificent Pines & Powerline Junction, taken looking towards the Pines)
  • Photo Site #10 (Powerline & Chestnut Point Junction, taken looking southeast down the powerline)
  • Photo Site #11 (Powerline & Boardwalk Junction, taken looking at the boardwalk)
  • Photo Site #12 (Batts Pavilion, taken looking at the Pavilion)